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Revealed: The ten safest cars of the year
Disappointing year-end sees six three-star Euro NCAP ratings, and the first ever zero-star rating
Carmaker safety efforts hailed as eight vehicles score five-star Euro NCAP ratings
Keyless Entry vulnerability: Thatcham Research offers guidance to concerned drivers
Thatcham Research applauds European Parliament’s backing for mandatory AEB fitment
Volvo delivers another class leading vehicle
Insurers set out criteria for what drivers should expect from vehicles described as “Automated”
Range Rover Velar stands out in competitive SUV safety segment
​New help for used car buyers: Insurers update rules for handling write-offs to give consumers clearer info
Revised Salvage Code of Practice comes into play 1st October
IAM RoadSmart, the RAC, Thatcham Research and partners urge drivers to insist on Autonomous Emergency Braking
Nationwide apprentice, trained at Thatcham Research, to represent the UK at World Skills Abu Dhabi
Euro NCAP to hold car makers accountable for  autonomous car safety as it launches “Road Map 2025”
A Five Star Fiesta for Euro NCAP’s 20th Anniversary
Grey area between "Assisted" and "Automated" driving systems a concern for UK Insurers

Grey area between "Assisted" and "Automated" driving systems a concern for UK Insurers

Press releases   •   Aug 01, 2017 00:01 BST

• A clear distinction between “Assisted” and “Automated” systems is fundamental, say UK Insurers • Call for vehicle manufacturers to avoid overstating the reliance that can be placed on the different levels of automation. • Data from accidents should be made available to all parties, to define whether the vehicle or the driver is liable

Ford responds to Euro NCAP Mustang safety rating, SEAT sets new Supermini safety benchmark
Challenging decisions lie ahead for bodyshops, as modern vehicles trigger need for specialised repair strategies
Thatcham Research calls for new thinking and approaches to halt spiralling cost of repair
Škoda and MINI get top safety ratings

Škoda and MINI get top safety ratings

Press releases   •   May 31, 2017 16:19 BST