All-electric VW ID.3 cruises to What Car? Car of the Year Safety Award success, while Tesla takes home Technology Award

Press releases   •   Jan 14, 2021 13:45 GMT

Thatcham Research reveals the winners of the What Car? Safety Award and Technology Award

Revealed: the safest cars and game-changing motoring technologies of 2020

Press releases   •   Jan 07, 2021 09:00 GMT

Ahead of the What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2021, here are the nominations for the Thatcham Research-sponsored Safety Award and Technology Award

How safe is the van delivering Christmas to your front door?

Press releases   •   Dec 16, 2020 09:00 GMT

Thatcham Research and Euro NCAP have assessed the performance of safety technology fitted to 19 new vans and uncovered some serious safety shortcomings

New Euro NCAP test protocols identify vehicles that must offer improved protection for other vehicles

Press releases   •   Dec 09, 2020 09:00 GMT

The latest Euro NCAP test results highlight the important challenge some manufacturers face when their vehicles are exposed to the most exacting protocols so far, with the new Land Rover Defender and Isuzu D-Max deemed too aggressive in the head-on collision test.

Five-star safety from EV Mazda and hybrid Honda

Press releases   •   Nov 12, 2020 09:00 GMT

​Two brand-new, family-sized cars from Mazda and Honda have emerged from Euro NCAP’s latest and most exacting safety tests ­with maximum five-star scores.

Government Urged to Revise Plans for Introduction of Automated Lane Keeping Systems to Ensure Road Safety, Thatcham Research and Association of British Insurers warn

Press releases   •   Oct 23, 2020 00:01 BST

Thatcham Research and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) are urging the Government to revise its plans to introduce Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) onto UK roads in early 2021 because it will put road users’ lives at risk.

VW ID.3 scores 5 Stars and protects its occupants, other road users and the environment

Press releases   •   Oct 21, 2020 09:00 BST

The VW ID.3 scores a maximum five-star rating during the latest Euro NCAP testing and bodes well for the future of mass market vehicle safety, according to Thatcham Research.

​World’s first Assisted Driving Grading unveiled

Press releases   •   Oct 01, 2020 09:00 BST

Thatcham Research has worked with Euro NCAP to grade the Assisted Driving systems on 10 new cars, to provide much-needed clarity to motorists regarding the capability and performance of current assisted systems.

Thatcham Research comments on Uber’s self-driving operator charged over fatal crash and considerations for the UK

Press releases   •   Sep 16, 2020 17:24 BST

Director of Insureance Research Matthew Avery has shared his thoughts on the Uber case in the US and the potential implications of self-driving vehicles in the UK.

Thatcham Research comment: Toyota Yaris first to score five-stars in updated Euro NCAP tests

Press releases   •   Sep 16, 2020 09:00 BST

Euro NCAP has released the result of the first car to be rated against its revamped 2020 protocols

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