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Solus Apprentice Success Leads to New Recruitment Drive

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Solus Apprentice Success Leads to New Recruitment Drive

The future of vehicle crash repair looks to be in capable hands at Solus Accident Repair Centres, as the nationwide network of accident repair centres owned and operated by Aviva announces the next phase of its apprenticeship strategy with the start of a new drive to recruit a new generation of repair technicians.

The announcement coincides with the emerging achievements of existing Solus apprentices who are learning their craft at Thatcham’s Automotive Academy, one of the UK’s leading provider of skills training and accreditation to the motor repair and insurance industries.

Such has been the success of the current scheme that Solus are now commencing active recruitment of another intake of talent to join their new single discipline programme. This will run alongside the existing multi-skilled programme ensuring Solus continue in their goal of producing multi-talented repair experts for the future with in-depth technical knowledge and practical experience.

There are a range of apprentice opportunities at Solus sites across the UK and those who wish to apply have until July 31st 2015 to match their skills, interests and location to the most appropriate vacancy through the online ‘Apprentice Vacancy Matching Service.’

As with all of the Solus ARC apprentice programmes, successful apprentices will achieve a level 3 qualification and IMI accreditation in their selected repair discipline and at the end of the paid two year apprenticeship they will then be offered a job at the Solus site at which they trained. Once qualified their development doesn’t stop there, Solus will continue to invest providing opportunities which over time will include routes into management.

The announcement comes as another Solus apprentice joined graduates in celebrating the completion of their own apprenticeships in front of friends, family, employers and industry supporters at Thatcham’s most recent Apprentice Graduation. As the group of 33 successful apprentices formed the class of 2015, Jamie Jones, 24 of Solus Stansted was singled out by the Thatcham team as an ‘outstanding individual’ as he received a Special Achievement Award from Thatcham’s Chief Executive Peter Shaw, in recognition of his can-do attitude in the face of some difficult challenges.

Following the graduation Peter Shaw said, “As the government commits to increasing investment in young peoples’ development, motor industry apprenticeship schemes will become even more important and accessible. I’m delighted that major players like Solus are recognising the benefits of high quality training and continuing to place so much emphasis on the development of the next generation. Our Academy team are already geared up to providing young people with the very latest learning and the achievements of Jamie Jones and all the other graduates here today are testament to that.”

Simon Smith, Operations Director at Solus ARC added, ““Investing in the future talent of our industry is key to any organisation’s success and Solus continue to invest in the talent of the future whilst evolving our operating models. We remain as committed as ever to creating an environment which allows each and every one of our apprentices to reach their full potential. It gives me great pleasure that we are now actively recruiting for a new wave of apprentices this year who will form the building blocks for our continued success.”

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The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, or 'Thatcham Research' as it is widely known, was formed in 1969 by British insurers. Its main aim is to carry out research and testing to contain or reduce the cost of motor insurance claims, whilst maintaining safety standards. 

Thatcham reviews every volume new car model entering the UK, risk rating it for the ABI’s Group Rating Panel and conducting an in-depth review of the new model’s repair information. As well as its world leading crash and track research, Thatcham tests and accredits crash repair parts, vehicle repair technicians and a number of other products and services within the collision repair industry for insurers, motor manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

A founder member of the international Research Council for Automobile Repairs (RCAR), Thatcham has also been a member of the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) since 2004. The organisation has an established reputation as an automotive standard setter and a proven capability in delivering unique, high quality, ready to use and bespoke products and services to the automotive industry, on a global stage. 


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Thatcham's Crash Laboratory is the only official UK crash testing centre for consumer safety body Euro NCAP and are viewed as a centre of excellence when it comes to active vehicle safety, particularly the evaluation of new Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) which provide the foundation for future vehicle autonomy.

Enjoying an increasingly global influence in both the insurance and automotive sectors, Thatcham Research expertise is in great demand with a range of opinion leaders being regularly asked to provide their experience and know-how at high profile events and in the media, living up to their reputation as ‘Experts in Safety, Security and Crash Repair’.

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